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The 3UZ-fe is the 4.3 L Lexus V8


Engine                                      3 UZ-fe vvti    4.3 L V8 
Model                                       Lexus Ls 430
Production year                      2000 to 2006 
Nm                                             441 at 3400 rpm 
Kw                                              224
Hp                                               300
Head technology                Fully functional variable valve timing
Throttle setup                     Full electronic throttle. (fly by wire)
Transmission                            A650e/ 5 speed automatic
                                                    A750e/ 6 speed automatic 
Transmission ratios                       
                                           1st                 3,357
                                           2 nd              2,180
                                           3 rd               1,424
                                           4 th               1,000
                                           5 th               0,753
                                 Reverse gear         3,431
                                          6 th                0, 667
Transmission features
                                              Top gear lock up
                                              Electronic shift down via the ECM 
                                              Tip tronic ( 6 speed only ) 
Engine and transmission control                    Standard ECM 
Power distribution pack                                   USA custom part 
Speed limitation                                                 Not listed yet

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We mainly deal with the Lexus v8 1UZ/1UZ vvt-i and 3UZ where by we do professional connection of the electronics...... Months of development has gone into the power supply on the Lexus system. .....We are on the Cooper bussmann USA production line and we only use tested power packs on our system....... We hold a unique part number with bussmann USA and our jigs will ensure the utmost accuracy.

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